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People wrote a lot about Gargnano, but there are no words able to hold all the beauty of this small village, placed among the olive-trees and the lemon houses.

It's not by chance that Gargnano, with its large inland, of the Alto Garda Regional Park it is always the destination of those who the tranquillity and the contact with nature.

..."there are vineyards
and olive woods
and lemon gardens
on the hill at the back.
There is a lovely little square,
where the Italians gossip
and the fischermen
pull up their boats, just near.
Everything is too nice for words
-not a bit touristy-
quite simply Italian
common village."...



What are those high pillars soaring skywards, all lined up, enclosed with white stone walls on three sides?
They are remains of lemon orchards that Goehte was struck by two centuries ago "...
We passed by Limone whose gardens, terraced and plated with lemon trees, have a rich and beautiful look..." 

(from "Italian Journey"- 1786). 

Those lemon gardens were lemon houses which date back to the 13th century when citrus cultivation was introduced on the Lake Garda.
So these characteristic big houses started up, suitable for protecting The valuable plantations against the possible rigours of winter.

Lake Garda therefore became the most northerly area of the Earth where citrus fruits were produced commercially.In spite of their decay, the only ones of their type, are still left as witnesses of a very flourishing age for the economy of Lake Garda where citrus growing was considered to be a real industry.